It's Still Rock and Roll to Me

I just stumbled across this little video clip from a couple of months ago. I had every intention of posting it then, but, well... sometimes things just get away from me. I won't make you wait any longer. (You didn't even know you were waiting, did you?) Here's Walter shaking things up on the dance floor:


Saturday was the 29th annual Crazylegs Classic – an 8k (5mi) run from the Capitol Square to Camp Randall Stadium, the proceeds supporting Badger Athletics. This year's race had a record 20,450 participants. Nate and I ran, along with some friends, and Walter even joined in on the fun. He got a nice stroller ride with his cousin Ginny while Erin, Jess and Emma participated in the 2 mile walk event. This was Nate's first organized run and he did awesome! He kicked my butt, finishing in 40:27 – a good 7 minutes ahead of me. And now he's talking about participating in some sprint triathlons in the next few months. I'm hoping this means our bikes will get used a lot more this summer. It's so much easier to make time for things when you have a goal in mind. So, go Nate, go!


Sewing and stencils

I got the Kwik Sew, Sewing for Toddlers book for Christmas and I just started sewing from it. I'm kicking myself for letting it sit unopened for so long. It's filled with simple patterns for cozy play clothes, like this hoodie:
Airplane hoodie
It's a little big for Walter now, but that just means he'll get more wear out of it. The airplane on the front (Walter loves airplanes!) was made using a freezer paper stencil. I've wanted to try this for a while now, and this shirt seemed like the perfect canvas. These stencils are so easy and fun! (There's a tutorial on Made.) And they're kind of addictive, too. I've got many more stencil ideas in mind – animals and dinosaurs and rockets, oh my!

I liked that first hoodie so much, I went right ahead and made another. I slimmed it down for a closer fit on our lanky boy. The pattern was really easy to modify.
Hoodie #2
Hoodie #2
I just love these shirts! They are so cozy – they make me want to snuggle Walter even more than usual. I think I'm going to try a pants pattern next. 'Cause a little boy needs some cute sweats to kick around in.

Somewhat related: I never realized how many airplanes flew over our house until Walter came along. Every time he hears one he yells, "Airplane!" and searches the sky to see if he can find it.


The zoo

Walter requested the zoo this morning so that's just what we did. Aunt Kristin, Kyla and Finn joined us on our outing.
At the zoo
At the zoo
At the zoo
At the zoo
Aw! Walter loves his cousins!


No bunnies allowed!

We're getting ready to start the garden, but we aren't going to share with the bunnies this year! Nate is putting up a nice, high fence. And Walter is being a very good helper.
Building a fence
Building a fence

Opening Day

Another sign of spring's arrival. Today was the first day of the outdoor Farmer's Market! Walter and I were there for our traditional Saturday morning stroll around the square. He must have been listening last night when I told him today would be a big day – he got up an hour earlier than usual! I may have grumbled a bit while dragging myself out of bed, but I was happy to get downtown early enough that the crowd was still thin and shopping was easy. Walter and I shared a scone, sampled the pesto and cheeses, listened to the street performers, and even picked up some freshly made ravioli to have for dinner tonight. There really is an amazing variety of stuff. Walter happily rode on my hip in the sling which makes it super easy to navigate through the crowd. I'm so happy to have our Saturday morning ritual back!
First Day of the Farmer's Market



It's 2 to 1. I may never have control of the remote again...



It was a beautiful weekend with lots of outdoor play. Walter got reacquainted with his sand table. Molly chased tennis balls. Nate and I did some yard work. And we all took a trip to the park, too. Walter has already conquered his fear of the big slide. That didn't take long at all.
All by myself
Molly plays ball
Sand table
Sand table


Mmm... Pasta

Thanks (Gramma) Sharon, for the tip on the great pasta recipe – Penne with Chickpeas, Feta, and Tomatoes from Cooking Light. Pretty food is just as important to me as good food, and this dish was both. I changed it up a bit based on the ingredients I had on hand. We actually had Penne with White Beans, Mozzarella and Tomatoes, but the results were still fantastic. And since noodles, beans and cheese are three of Walter's favorite things to eat, this was prefect for him too.
Walter-friendly pasta dinner
I'm always on the lookout for new recipes. Please feel free to pass along any good ones you come across.


7 years

It's our 7th anniversary! Gramma and Grampa watched Walter this evening while we went out for dinner and a movie. And Nate brought these tulips home for me on Thursday so I could enjoy them over the long weekend. Always thinking – just one of the many reasons I married him.
Anniversary tulips


Happy Easter!

Easter 2010
Walter dove right in to his Easter goodies this morning. That bunny knows just what Walter likes. And we had a fantastic lunch with family. Good company and good food – Aunt Erin is a great cook! We hope you all have a happy Easter too!


Recipe request

I'm in the mood to cook! Does anyone have any good, springtime recipes to share? Old favorites or something new – please pass them along. Walter-friendly food is a plus, though he'll try pretty much anything if he's hungry. He even tried asparagus tonight. He spit it out, but at least he tried it. I consider that a victory.