Sewing and stencils

I got the Kwik Sew, Sewing for Toddlers book for Christmas and I just started sewing from it. I'm kicking myself for letting it sit unopened for so long. It's filled with simple patterns for cozy play clothes, like this hoodie:
Airplane hoodie
It's a little big for Walter now, but that just means he'll get more wear out of it. The airplane on the front (Walter loves airplanes!) was made using a freezer paper stencil. I've wanted to try this for a while now, and this shirt seemed like the perfect canvas. These stencils are so easy and fun! (There's a tutorial on Made.) And they're kind of addictive, too. I've got many more stencil ideas in mind – animals and dinosaurs and rockets, oh my!

I liked that first hoodie so much, I went right ahead and made another. I slimmed it down for a closer fit on our lanky boy. The pattern was really easy to modify.
Hoodie #2
Hoodie #2
I just love these shirts! They are so cozy – they make me want to snuggle Walter even more than usual. I think I'm going to try a pants pattern next. 'Cause a little boy needs some cute sweats to kick around in.

Somewhat related: I never realized how many airplanes flew over our house until Walter came along. Every time he hears one he yells, "Airplane!" and searches the sky to see if he can find it.


Kristin said...

Ok. This post is just evil. I have WAY too many projects already. I don't need to want to make more! Those shirts are way too cute!

K.D. Mullen said...

I love those hoodies! I may have to find that book. Raglans are my favorite and those look so cozy!! Your little guy is so handsome too.