Saturday was the 29th annual Crazylegs Classic – an 8k (5mi) run from the Capitol Square to Camp Randall Stadium, the proceeds supporting Badger Athletics. This year's race had a record 20,450 participants. Nate and I ran, along with some friends, and Walter even joined in on the fun. He got a nice stroller ride with his cousin Ginny while Erin, Jess and Emma participated in the 2 mile walk event. This was Nate's first organized run and he did awesome! He kicked my butt, finishing in 40:27 – a good 7 minutes ahead of me. And now he's talking about participating in some sprint triathlons in the next few months. I'm hoping this means our bikes will get used a lot more this summer. It's so much easier to make time for things when you have a goal in mind. So, go Nate, go!

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