It's Still Rock and Roll to Me

I just stumbled across this little video clip from a couple of months ago. I had every intention of posting it then, but, well... sometimes things just get away from me. I won't make you wait any longer. (You didn't even know you were waiting, did you?) Here's Walter shaking things up on the dance floor:


Barb Bredel said...

I'm sure he gets his rhythm from his Grandma Barb, but he gets his "ham" from his mom.

intouch said...

As I was showing the clip to the entire Alpha Delights staff they wanted to know if the music on the video was the actual music Walter was dancing to. If it is, that boy can keep a beat! If not, good editing, mom!

Walter's mom said...

It is the actual music he was dancing to, though I filled it in to get rid of all the distracting background noise.