Hittin' the slopes

On the chairlift
We sure picked the coldest winter ever to introduce Walter to winter sports. It seems like every day greets us with a negative number. But we're not going to let a little cold weather get in the way of our fun. Walter has been begging to go skiing all winter, so we took advantage of a day off school and headed up to Granite Peak. We bundled him up and sent him off to a ski lesson. When we picked him up he said, "Guys, can I do some REAL skiing now?" Apparently he had had enough of shuffling around on nearly flat ground and was ready to move. He had a few crashes, but it didn't take long for him to have it all figured out. He's able to ski the easy runs and stay in control – turning, stopping, and avoiding crashing into people, trees, and anything else in his way. And he's hungry for more. He asked, several times, if he could go down the hill with the jumps, but that's going to have to wait until he's had a little more practice. 

Green Bay Grandpa joined us for a day. He taught me to ski when I was a kid and it was fun to have him around to give Walter some pointers. Thanks, Dad. Walter's lookin' good out there!