Giving thanks

Our Thanksgiving holiday was spread out over a couple of weeks with a variety of family visits and delicious meals. There is so much to be thankful for this holiday season.
-- Family members that traveled many, many miles to be with us. Bonus – Walter had a reason to get out the globe. 
-- And the family members that traveled just across town.
-- Wonderful meals and the great conversation and laughs that went with them. 
-- Gracious guests who laughed with me as I filled the house with smoke while cooking one of those meals. (whoopsies!)
-- My sweet husband who cleaned the kitchen after that meal.
-- My sweet boy who managed to stay in a pretty great mood, despite a runny nose, late nights, and a heavily-sugared diet. 
-- The opportunity to get out in the fresh air and burn off some of those calories – including a chilly, but sunny, walk on the bay at Grandpa's house.
-- And the opportunity to snap a few photos in the middle of it all.
Thanksgiving 2012
Happy Thanksgiving to you!


For the birds

And now for Pinterest project number two... 
Walter and I cooked up some cute birdseed treats to hang outside. 
For the birds
This was a great activity for us. We only needed three ingredients - gelatin, water, and birdseed. It was quick and easy and Walter stayed interested from start to finish. 
For the birds
For the birds
For the birds
For the birds
For the birds
For the birds
They dried overnight and we hung them outside this morning. I didn't get a chance to see what happened to them, but Walter tells me he saw a blue bird pecking at one and a squirrel ran off with another. I like to think that they were just as pleased with our presentation as they were with the food.
For the birds
You can find the recipe and instructions for the bird feeders here.



Walter and I did a Pinterest project today. Are you on Pinterest yet? You should be. It's awesome. Anyway, as I was saying, we did a project from Pinterest today and I was going to share it with you but it's not quite done yet. So I dug through my photo archives and found a different Pinterest project. I did this back in September but never got around to sharing it. Behold, the purple chandelier.
Chandelier makeover
A cheap-o chandelier off of craigslist and a can of purple Rust-Oleum is all it takes. Oh, and a handy husband who's willing to take down the nasty, old ceiling fan from the back porch and install the new, purple chandelier in it's place. The porch is feeling a bit more festive now.
Sprucing up the back porch
That other project will here soon – as soon as I can find some daylight to take some photos. 


Stash-busting for good

About a month ago I was looking for a knitting project and discovered that I had built up quite a large stash of yarn. Lots of odds and ends from past projects. So I grabbed a little ball of yarn and made a baby hat. It only took a couple of hours. One night, one baby hat, one less bit of yarn in the stash. So the next night I made another one. And then another and so on. I figured I'd eventually find a place to donate them, and today I did. My internet browsing led me to this site which is hosting a craftalong and accepting donations of handmade warm things for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. I'll be sending out my hats tomorrow. 
Baby hats
There is still plenty of yarn left in my stash and plenty more organizations accepting donations. I see many more hats in my future. If you're in the making/giving mood, here are some free patterns and organizations to get you started. 'Tis the season.