Walter and I did a Pinterest project today. Are you on Pinterest yet? You should be. It's awesome. Anyway, as I was saying, we did a project from Pinterest today and I was going to share it with you but it's not quite done yet. So I dug through my photo archives and found a different Pinterest project. I did this back in September but never got around to sharing it. Behold, the purple chandelier.
Chandelier makeover
A cheap-o chandelier off of craigslist and a can of purple Rust-Oleum is all it takes. Oh, and a handy husband who's willing to take down the nasty, old ceiling fan from the back porch and install the new, purple chandelier in it's place. The porch is feeling a bit more festive now.
Sprucing up the back porch
That other project will here soon – as soon as I can find some daylight to take some photos. 

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