Stash-busting for good

About a month ago I was looking for a knitting project and discovered that I had built up quite a large stash of yarn. Lots of odds and ends from past projects. So I grabbed a little ball of yarn and made a baby hat. It only took a couple of hours. One night, one baby hat, one less bit of yarn in the stash. So the next night I made another one. And then another and so on. I figured I'd eventually find a place to donate them, and today I did. My internet browsing led me to this site which is hosting a craftalong and accepting donations of handmade warm things for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. I'll be sending out my hats tomorrow. 
Baby hats
There is still plenty of yarn left in my stash and plenty more organizations accepting donations. I see many more hats in my future. If you're in the making/giving mood, here are some free patterns and organizations to get you started. 'Tis the season.




Anonymous said...

Grandpa Martens

Sharon said...

I am in a group that makes hats for various groups. We have sent hats to several Indian Reservations, Milwaukee, Military Units, Warm Verona,Preemee Units, and several other states. Right now we are gathering hats to go to a mountain village in Guatamala when a group from our church goes there in February. They will take a suitcase full of hats for children. We also take donations of yarn. What cute hats!!!! And Thanks for patterns. You always need a new pattern to try. Don't you knit fast!!!

Sharon said...

i had to ammend my comment. I mean you do knit fast.....I am slow.