Did you know...

That today is National Chocolate Cake Day? 
Chocolate cupcake
I just found out a few hours ago myself. They should really make a bigger deal out of these sorts of things. Why is this not printed on calendars, for Pete's sake? Even though I was a little late to the game, I decided we should celebrate in full. There were no complaints from this crowd. 
Chocolate cupcake
Happy National Chocolate Cake Day! 
(If you need to celebrate a day or two late, I won't tell!)


Knitting therapy

This is our dining room. 
The mess
Clearly, we are still trying to get organized. Nate has been hard at work, building shelves and installing things. (I can't wait to show you what he's been doing!) While I wait for those things to be finished up so I can put some things away, I've been knitting. And knitting. And knitting some more. It's something to focus on and take my mind away from the chaos that is crowding our dining room and so many other areas of the house. And look how productive I've been! 
Many dishcloths, in many patterns, have been stashed in the kitchen. And I've finally started on this project, that I bought supplies for so many months ago. 
Getting started
It feels good to get something done. I know our mess won't last forever. In the meantime, I'll just keep on knitting.



It was awfully cold outside, so we spent a good amount of time inside – eating, knitting, baking, playing. We did manage to get out for a quick trip to the farmer's market. Can you believe we haven't been there since before we moved? That shows you how busy things have been! Of course, we watched the Packers game. I imagine I'd get kicked out of the state or something if I didn't mention that. We're all excited to see them going to the Superbowl. I hope your weekend was as cozy as ours was. 
P.S. Those are pumpkin cinnamon rolls. You can find the recipe here. Make them. You won't be sorry. 


5 years

It's Molly's 5th birthday! Here are 5 fun facts about our sweet girl:
1. Her full name: Molly Sparkle Billmeyer
2. She's afraid of doors.
3. She won't eat out of a metal bowl – her reflection scares her.
4. She likes to have her butt scratched. A lot.
5. If we count in dog years, she's about my age. No wonder she's such a good pal.
Happy birthday, Molly!
5 years


Big boy beds...

... are good for jumping!
And all that jumping is good for napping!



Check out my new 'do! It was time for a change and I had been envying everyone's cute, short cuts. So, during the coldest months of the year, I decided to leave my neck bare. That's what scarves are for, right?


Picnics and patterns

Our boy was looking extra adorable today, so I tried to snap some photos. The whole time I had my camera in my hands he was saying, "Are you done now? Can we go play now? Are you done? Can we play?" So I put the camera down and we played. He wanted to have a picnic with his train, Rosie. It was fun. I can see why he wanted to get to it!
A stitch a day
And later on I took photos of something that doesn't move, or complain. My mom gave me this calendar for Christmas. A new knitting stitch every day! I've been needing some new washcloths, which are the perfect little projects for trying out new stitches. My evenings are going to be full of knitting for a while. And probably picnics, too.


Making ourselves at home

There are still pockets of chaos throughout the house, but we are as unpacked and organized as we can be while we wait for the last bits of the construction to be finished up. It's taking some time to get used to this place, but we are starting to find our comfort zone. It's becoming easier to reach for the right drawer when looking for a spoon, and we've settled on our seating arrangement at the dinner table (for now). Even Molly is finding favorite cozy spots to curl up for naps. Each day we are living here more and more, and it really is starting to feel like home.
Bread dough
Molly matches the floor


2010 Year in Review

I'm a few days late with this, but I was hit with the flu on New Year's Eve so my weekend plans were pushed aside. But I'm all better now, so here it is! A look at the past year, in photos. 
2010 Year in Review
So much growing, making, building and exploring. It was a great year and I'm hoping 2011 will be even better. (Despite the rocky start.) Happy New Year!