5 years

It's Molly's 5th birthday! Here are 5 fun facts about our sweet girl:
1. Her full name: Molly Sparkle Billmeyer
2. She's afraid of doors.
3. She won't eat out of a metal bowl – her reflection scares her.
4. She likes to have her butt scratched. A lot.
5. If we count in dog years, she's about my age. No wonder she's such a good pal.
Happy birthday, Molly!
5 years


Kristin said...

If your birthday girl is 5, that means mine is too! Yikes!

Barb Bredel said...

Ozzie says "Happy Birthday, Molly, you cute, young thing!"

Sharon said...

Happy birthday to you!! She is a sweet dog!! She is
1. Excellent around Walter--the pictures of Walter laying on her are some of my favorites.
2. A good sleeper--she has never wakened me at night.
3. A Wisconsin dog---she loves the snow. She hops around in it like a rabbit excitedly.
4. Willing to share. She lets me sit in her chair.
5. Intelligent. Seems to know which are her toys and what things to leave alone. Food might be a different story!