It's here!

We have been without kitchen countertops since we moved in, and today they arrived! What a treat to come home to. Along with the countertop came the sink, the cooktop, and we can finally use the dishwasher. A fully functioning kitchen – woohoo! Time to clean it up, put things away and start cooking! Good thing I have a three-day weekend ahead of me...


Christmas weekend

We had a very, merry holiday weekend. We spent a lot of time at my mom's house, baking cookies and stuffing ourselves with Christmas ham. Walter watched movies with Grandpa and Uncle Eddie. Nate showed off his new beard – this lack of bathroom sinks has caused him to stop shaving. I think it's looks nice on him. And since he's been chopping tons of wood to keep our fire nice and hot, all the lumberjack jokes are kind of fitting. :) Walter continued his Christmas tradition of wearing a sweater, knit by his great-great Auntie for Nate some 30 years ago. It was nice to relax and spend some time with family. We hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend too!
Making cookies
Watching movies
Christmas day


Christmas Eve Eve

We're a little behind on our countdown, but the tree is up, the stockings are hung, and Santa was notified of the change of address. This house is ready for Christmas!


We're home!

It has been a long, complicated move, but we are finally in! We battled a snow storm, steep, icy driveways and nasty head colds. We had a refrigerator that didn’t fit into it’s designated spot and a water heater that broke down the first time we tried to use it. But we got through it all and, though the house still isn’t quite finished, it’s in a livable state and we’re happy to be here. Walter loves his new room and his big new bed. He’s adjusting to the new place just fine – way better than I had expected. Nate and I are adjusting fine, too. We are getting things unpacked and organized as much as we can while we wait for countertops to be delivered and bathroom sinks to be installed. It’s still a huge mess, so I don’t have any house photos to share yet. But I’ll give you a tiny peek at our kitchen, behind this adorable boy, slurping up his cereal milk.
Slurping the cereal milk
We could never have gotten anything done without the help of our wonderful families. We leaned on them for food, shelter, strength, babysitting, and hot showers. We can’t thank you enough for helping us with this move!


Snow and traditions

We had the first snow of the season last weekend! Walter and I spent most of our time inside, snuggling and watching the snow fall, but Nate got us outside to play for a little while. It wasn't good snow for snowman making, but Walter loved it anyway. 
Inside on a snow day
First snow 2010
Also, click here to read about a sweet holiday tradition that I think we just might start doing this year. (And check out Ashley's blog, Under the Sycamore – a very nice family/photography/craft blog.) I'd love to hear about other holiday traditions. Leave a comment and tell me yours!

The posts here will be few and far between for a week or two. The new house is almost ready and we're hoping to be moving this weekend! I hope my computer won't be boxed up for too long...


December 1st

The countdown to Christmas has begun! We are counting down with this adorable Advent calendar – a gift from Gramma. 
Advent calendar
The cute little knit bags are stuffed with Walter's extra Halloween candy. (It was the only thing that kept me from eating it all!) Since we are packing everything up for the move, this is the only holiday decoration we have up. It's a cheery thing to see next to all the bare shelves and moving boxes. I think I've got the perfect spot to hang it in the new house, too!