Some days are like that

Some days you come home to a leaky pipe and a bathroom ceiling that looks like this:
Bad day
Some days your ankle is too sore to run on. 
Bad day
Some days your son refuses to put on his swimming suit and throws a fit in the changing room at the pool.
Days like that remind me of this book:
Bad day
According to the inscription on the inside cover, Nate got this book for his 5th birthday. I'm so glad his mom kept it all these years and passed it on to Walter. We love to read it and it's perfect for those terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days. But that day was yesterday. 

Today was one of these days:
Good day
No leaks, a bike ride, and a good boy, who happily finished his dinner so he could eat the cookies he and Gramma made. He even shared.



Walter: How big do I have to be to play soccer?
Me: You have to be 4.
Walter: At my next birthday I can play soccer?
Me: Yup.
Walter: But I can play with my soccer toys at home now, right?
Me: Right. 
(Like I could stop him.)
Walter: Stop taking pictures and kick the ball, Mama!


It's all in your head

Long distance running isn't just about being in good physical shape. You have to be in good mental shape too. I had been having a rough couple of weeks of running, when I finally realized I didn't have my head in the game. I was too focused on details of the "right now" – my ankles hurt, I was tired, I could be using this time to knit or sew or just sit on the couch. But then I changed my attitude. Before my long run on Sunday, I decided I needed to focus on the goal. I needed to think about that awesome feeling of crossing the finish line. It was a 12 mile run. It was raining. I hadn't slept well. But I got out there and despite the rain and the tiredness, I felt great. I finished those 12 miles in 1:50. (9 minute miles, a little faster than my usual pace.) Amazing how a change in attitude can make all the difference in the world.

I ran twice around this 6 mile loop in the beautiful Arboretum. It also helps that Madison has such a great places to run!



Nate was working this weekend, so Walter and I were on our own. I decided we should have a little project to keep us busy. I was inspired by this simple felt garland featured on Made. A little felt from my stash, plus a few more colors from the fabric store and we were ready to make an autumn leaf garland. Walter chose which shapes should be which colors and I cut and cut and cut. 
Leaf garland
Then, we sat down at the sewing machine and I let Walter drive. He pushed the start button and fed the leaves in, one after another, until we had one long string.  
Leaf garland
Walter was so proud of his work and so excited to surprise Daddy with our new decorations when he got home.
Leaf garland
Leaf garland


The annual family photo shoot

Another summertime photo shoot and another amazing collection of photos from the talented John Kuehl of Kuehl on Location Photography. I knew we'd get great photos. John is very predictable that way.

I love this one. Aren't we cute? :)
I'm so excited that we have more new things to put on our walls! Slowly but surely we're filling them up, and a few of these family photos will be a good addition. Poke around John's website to see more of his work, including an amazing wedding extravaganza he shot earlier this summer. Good stuff!



It seems like every kid I know has started school in the last week. Today, it was finally Walter's turn! He put on his backpack and let me take one, just one, photo before climbing into the car. Let's go! Let's go! We met Gramma, Grampa, and his classmate and cousin, Ginny, in the parking lot at school. It was good to have a familiar friend on the first day. It made it all even more exciting. The drop-off was a breeze. No tears, from him or me. :)
First day of preschool
First day of preschool
First day of preschool
First day of preschool
I'm told he had a job as the snack helper today and he brought home his drawing of a bear camel horse. He wasn't quite sure, but he's very proud of it. First day = success!


Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend
Labor Day weekend
Labor Day weekend
Labor Day weekend
Labor Day weekend
We spent our long weekend:
- Canning tomatoes
- Puzzling through a rainy day
- Cleaning up the debris in the yard after the rain
- Hitting the 200 mile mark in the marathon training - 11 miles on Sunday, our longest run so far!
- Making quite a dent in a giant bottle of Nyquil (we are a sick house these days)
- Cooking up our favorite Pumpkin Waffles for dinner
- Finding new bike routes, and new hills
- Visiting with family
We hope you had a fun, busy (and healthy) weekend!