Some days are like that

Some days you come home to a leaky pipe and a bathroom ceiling that looks like this:
Bad day
Some days your ankle is too sore to run on. 
Bad day
Some days your son refuses to put on his swimming suit and throws a fit in the changing room at the pool.
Days like that remind me of this book:
Bad day
According to the inscription on the inside cover, Nate got this book for his 5th birthday. I'm so glad his mom kept it all these years and passed it on to Walter. We love to read it and it's perfect for those terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days. But that day was yesterday. 

Today was one of these days:
Good day
No leaks, a bike ride, and a good boy, who happily finished his dinner so he could eat the cookies he and Gramma made. He even shared.


Anonymous said...

Some days your ankle is sore and you end up watching baseball all night. Funny picture.

Barb Bredel said...

Some days make you grateful for all the days that aren't the other kind. Glad things have improved!