Nate was working this weekend, so Walter and I were on our own. I decided we should have a little project to keep us busy. I was inspired by this simple felt garland featured on Made. A little felt from my stash, plus a few more colors from the fabric store and we were ready to make an autumn leaf garland. Walter chose which shapes should be which colors and I cut and cut and cut. 
Leaf garland
Then, we sat down at the sewing machine and I let Walter drive. He pushed the start button and fed the leaves in, one after another, until we had one long string.  
Leaf garland
Walter was so proud of his work and so excited to surprise Daddy with our new decorations when he got home.
Leaf garland
Leaf garland


gramma said...

Isn't that stop/start button nice!!!! I just sold another friend on that machine. Way to go Walter and Stephanie.

Kejama! said...

You inspired me on this one.... helped me remember that we had multi-colored fall foam maple leaves downstairs and some black yarn. We now have fall garlands hanging from our stairs. Thanks for the inspiration Steph!