We're home!

It has been a long, complicated move, but we are finally in! We battled a snow storm, steep, icy driveways and nasty head colds. We had a refrigerator that didn’t fit into it’s designated spot and a water heater that broke down the first time we tried to use it. But we got through it all and, though the house still isn’t quite finished, it’s in a livable state and we’re happy to be here. Walter loves his new room and his big new bed. He’s adjusting to the new place just fine – way better than I had expected. Nate and I are adjusting fine, too. We are getting things unpacked and organized as much as we can while we wait for countertops to be delivered and bathroom sinks to be installed. It’s still a huge mess, so I don’t have any house photos to share yet. But I’ll give you a tiny peek at our kitchen, behind this adorable boy, slurping up his cereal milk.
Slurping the cereal milk
We could never have gotten anything done without the help of our wonderful families. We leaned on them for food, shelter, strength, babysitting, and hot showers. We can’t thank you enough for helping us with this move!


Anonymous said...

It looks like the fridge just fits and there is plenty of light in the kitchen. I like the pendants.
Grandpa Martens

Gramma said...

We were glad to be a part of building your dreams. A lot more of those dreams will be coming as you gain more control over what happens at the house. I hope "the other guys" finish sooner rather than later. Isn't Walter amazing. He knows what makes a house a home---I forget--is it a train table?