Opening Day

Another sign of spring's arrival. Today was the first day of the outdoor Farmer's Market! Walter and I were there for our traditional Saturday morning stroll around the square. He must have been listening last night when I told him today would be a big day – he got up an hour earlier than usual! I may have grumbled a bit while dragging myself out of bed, but I was happy to get downtown early enough that the crowd was still thin and shopping was easy. Walter and I shared a scone, sampled the pesto and cheeses, listened to the street performers, and even picked up some freshly made ravioli to have for dinner tonight. There really is an amazing variety of stuff. Walter happily rode on my hip in the sling which makes it super easy to navigate through the crowd. I'm so happy to have our Saturday morning ritual back!
First Day of the Farmer's Market

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Nate said...

Best part, I got to sleep in and was brought back 2 beef sticks for breakfast! Lucky me!