Summer Weekend

We drove up to Green Bay to visit with Grandpa and Mary this weekend. Their new house on the bay is really beautiful, especially in the summer time. We enjoyed the outdoors and the gorgeous view of the water, birds and boats.

Walter made several trips around the yard, testing out the grass with his bare feet. We've come a long way, baby! Mary gave me a nice tour of her gardens, inspiring me to make some additions and changes to ours. In fact, we've already picked up a few new plants.

We took Walter to church with Grandpa on Sunday morning and he felt right at home. He even toddled up to the front of the church with the rest of the kids for the children's message. All by himself, he walked up and climbed the step to stand with the others. Another little boy dutifully held Walter's hand so he wouldn't fall. It was pretty darn cute.

We also did some birthday celebrating! The folks at Alpha Delights made a really cool cake for Walter. Nate was brave enough to let Walter eat while sitting in his lap. Here's the video, as promised: 

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Anonymous said...

Great video. Great music.
I think he has cake figured out. i think he was neater with it then his Dad. Thanks for including both of my pretty little babies in the video! Gramma