Mini-vacation... sort of

We took a four-day trip up north to Camp Luther in Three Lakes, WI. My family has been spending one week there, each summer, for over 20 years. We rent a cottage and spend the week relaxing, visiting with friends, and doing normal camp stuff – swimming, hiking, campfires, etc... I have a lot of great childhood memories from there.

This was Walter's and Nate's first trip to camp and it could not have been worse weather – cold and rainy! We went on a couple of short hikes, but were pretty much stuck inside the rest of the time. Even our usual campfire singing was held indoors, around a video of a campfire. How sad! And, I forgot to bring my camera along (I'm still kicking myself) so I don't even have any photos to share.

Nate played a little golf in the rain and I was able to relax and read while Walter was napping, so it wasn't a total loss. Next year, we're checking the weather before making the four-hour drive!


Anonymous said...

We loved your company. Walter and Kyla were great! I, too, was sad about the weather, but it's been a loooooonnnnnggggg time since we've had it so bad. Next year is sure to be better. Thanks for making the effort.

Mom/Grandma Bredel

Walter's mom said...

Thanks for having us, Mom! It was good to get away for a while anyway.