Clean freak

Walter has a little obsession with vacuum cleaners. He's been testing out his cousin Kyla's toy vacuum when he visits her house. And the last time we were visiting, he decided to give their real vacuum a try. Imagine my surprise to see the handle of the vacuum cleaner moving along behind their kitchen island, only to find Walter pushing the giant thing around! 

He loves vacuuming so much that Grandma and Grandpa Bredel decided to get him a toy vacuum of his own for his birthday. He couldn't be happier. He's been vacuuming up a storm. If it could really suck up dog hair, we'd have the cleanest carpet around. The only downfall is the cheerfully rude commentary coming from the thing. "Let's clean up this mess!" it says. "Whoa! This place is a pigsty!"
Thanks for the photo Aunt Kristin!

P.S. Walter is feeling much better today. The fever is gone and he's acting more like himself. A good night of sleep and he should be good as new.


Justine said...

Charlie has that same vacuum, and I don't appreciate it telling me my house is a pigsty. AT ALL.

Kristin said...

Sorry! Kyla never played with it enough for us to hear all the sayings...