12 months!

Happy birthday Walter! A year went by so fast!
It's hard to believe that a little over a year ago, Walter and I looked like this:

And exactly a year ago, we looked like this:

And today, we look like this:  

It's amazing to see how much he has grown and changed. This past month has been so much fun. Walter is getting really talkative. He mimics the sounds we make and strings together full sentences of babble. I think real words aren't too far away. He's constantly on the go – we're always finding one more thing we need to childproof. But it's a lot of fun to watch him play and discover new things. Along with climbing stairs, he has figured out how to climb up and slide down his slide. (Another great garage sale find. Thanks Gramma and Grampa!) 

He has lots of silly habits that keep us laughing. Like taking his right shoe off when he gets in the car. If we drive long enough, the left shoe will eventually come off too, but we can always count on searching the back seat for the right one when we reach our destination. And standing up in the bathtub – no matter how many times I sit him down, he immediately pops back up. Maybe he's trying to tell us he's ready to start showering.

Being a year old brings on a lot of changes for a little boy. He finally gets to sit facing forward in the car (assuming he's 20 lbs at his one-year doctor appt. on Monday.) No more cramped legs against the back seat. Hooray! He graduates from formula to cow's milk. He gets to add all sorts of yummy things to his diet – strawberries, eggs, chocolate, even honey, the one thing our pediatrician warned us about SEVERAL times at EVERY visit. OK, doc. No honey. We get it!

Photos from the past month are here. We will be celebrating Walter's birthday all weekend to make up for the cancelled party. I'm hoping to get some good birthday cake video... stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Walter! It must be time for a new screen saver because the one I have now is from the day you were born. You and Mom just get better looking all the time! Feed him a lot this weekend because I know he wants to face forward. Love you, Gramma

Kristin said...

Happy Birthday Walter! I hope you have fun eating your cake!

Kelli said...


Anonymous said...

We tried to be at your party, but you got sick and we bought a house instead. Pretty soon we'll be able to see you all the time and not just on special occasions.

We're glad you get to see where you are going from now on instead of just where you've been.

Grandma and Grandpa Bredel