A sick boy

Poor Walter isn't feeling well. It started yesterday with a little fever. Then it turned into a big fever and he has been a sad, snuggly boy. And to top it all off, today was supposed to be his first birthday party. We had to cancel the festivities, but we'll reschedule when he's feeling better.

We're not sure what the cause of the fever is, but he seems to be on the mend today. His temperature is lower and he's got a little more energy. I hope he's over this soon. He's never been sick and it breaks my heart to see him so quiet and sad. I wish there were more I could do for him.

Here's a photo of the caterpillar cupcakes that were meant for today's party. Nate is pretty upset that he's going to have to eat them all himself...


Kristin said...

We hope Walter feels better too! Give him some extra snuggles from us. Cute cupcakes!

Anonymous said...

We are very sad that we could not see Walter today but get well very soon.
Love, G G&G B