We're on our way

Today was the day. We closed on the new house! After a couple of months of stress and worry we finally have it. After our offer had been accepted, the banks and realtors started throwing around words like "foreclosure" and "short sale" which left us wondering if we would ever really get the house. But everything worked out and we closed this morning, hassle-free. Yippee! 
And now, we wait. Major remodeling needs to happen before we move in, although Walter seems to love it, as is. He ran, screaming, through the empty rooms, excited as can be. But the remodel can't start until we sell our house. So, for now, we'll stop by to visit. Maybe do a little demolition to prepare for the changes. And we'll enjoy the outdoor spaces – the reason we wanted this property so badly in the first place.
New house - the outdoors
New house - the outdoorsNew house - the outdoors


Kristin said...

Hooray! When do I get a tour?

K said...

YEAH! Congrats! The new place looks heavenly, like your own private nature preserve!