Our TV is permanently tuned to HGTV

So, about those big changes I mentioned yesterday... 
We're buying a house! And it's on 4 acres of land! Nate and I have been looking for land for several years now. We wanted more outdoor space, more freedom, more privacy, and we've found it. We thought we would end up building, but this house is in the perfect location and is surrounded by beautiful trees, trails, and plenty of open space for gardening. There's an outbuilding and even a tree house for Walter! The house itself is very outdated and is going to need tons of work to make it just what we want, but it's got lots of potential and we've got the rest of our lives to shape it into our home. I'm so excited about all the possibilities – my head is swimming with ideas.
But before we get too ahead of ourselves, we've got to sell our current home. It's a beautiful house and, I'll admit, I'll be a little sad to leave. We've spent 6 years here and have lots of memories in this place. But we're moving on to what will eventually be our dream home – one we will put our blood, sweat and tears into, for sure. We close at the end of August and, pending the sale of our current home, renovations will start soon after. I can't wait!
p.s. Anybody want to buy a house?

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