33 years

Today is my 33rd birthday. Walter made me a card. My co-workers decorated my cube. Our families came over for dinner and my Mom-in-law made some really delicious cake! Rich, dense chocolate, topped with raspberries and chocolate ice cream on the side. Yum!

It was pointed out to me today, during a lunch table conversation at work, that the 33rd year is the "Jesus Year," because Jesus accomplished the most in his 33rd year, before his crucifixion. What I learned from my wise, lunch companions, is that this signifies a year of change, accomplishment and productivity. "Time to get moving and get things done." Well, we certainly have a lot of change planned for the year ahead of us. And I certainly hope that I'll be productive and can mark some accomplishments by the time the year is through. 
Those of you that are older than I am, what did you do in your 33rd year?

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