Around town and around the house

We sure know how to fill up a weekend. This one was jam-packed with things to do. We went to the farmer's market and the park, saw the butterflies at Olbrich Gardens, had a picnic and went bug catching. 
Olbrich Gardens
Olbrich Gardens Butterflies
Bug catcher
During naptime, I made things. Two jars of sweet pickles with cucumbers from the garden, three jars of pesto from that big bunch of basil I picked up at the market, and a baby gift. 
I love that I was able to check so many things off my to-do list and we still had time to go exploring. The perfect kind of weekend.


Kristin said...

I made pesto too! And apricot raspberry jam - yum! And mittens for Kyla! Hooray!

Kejama! said...

Yay!! That T-shirt was for us! I was hoping the "C" was coming our way :) Thank You Steph!