Growing up

Oh, this little boy is getting so big. He doesn't want to sit in his booster seat anymore. He puts his shoes on all by himself. And he has made the switch from crib to toddler bed. He's still getting used to having all that freedom. It's been a little challenging getting him to stay in bed, but he seems to be figuring it out pretty quickly.
Toddler bed
Also, for the first time today, Walter rejected the sling at the Farmer's Market. "I not getting in sling today, Mama." I was a little disappointed that I couldn't snuggle him on my hip, but it was actually a really nice change. He walked with us in the crowd for a while, then Nate walked with him on the Capitol lawn while I did our shopping – with both hands completely free! I got myself some flowers to celebrate. Or maybe it was to make me feel better. My baby is growing up so fast!
Market goodies


Kristin said...

Those pears look delicious - I didn't see those! What are you making with all that basil?

gramma said...

I packed up the Pack and Play last night and have it put away but I did leave out the nooks. He may not sleep at our house until after our vacation so it will be old hat to him by then. And you think the booster seats will go too! Oh My this has gone fast!
If you need basil, come and get some of mine. It has been a great summer for that warm weather crop!.