Walter's speech is getting better, and more entertaining.
He spent last evening at the dog park naming all the animals that were in the woods. "There's a lion in there. There's a tiger in there. There's a roast beef in there." Huh?
He takes his bath "upstairbs." Nope, that's not a typo. He pronounces the b. Downstairs is just "downstairs."
He recently informed me that "Molly poops in the grass." Well, he's not wrong.
When he's crying, he tells me. "I'm crying Mama!" Oh, sweetie, I know.
And, my favorite, is when he comments on the weather. "Nice day out there."
I'm hoping he talks like this for a long time. It's too much fun to pass by quickly.


Gramma said...

I love the weather reports too!! We are walking to the park and he goes "Pretty nice day today" at least 4 or 5 times.

Barb Bredel said...

We may have a weatherman in the making. He has a great personality for TV.