What a week! A big event at work kept me busy – working late, visiting with co-workers from overseas, and meeting lots of new people. It was fun and exhausting. I missed putting my baby to bed at night, but I got to spend a few mornings with him instead. This week we'll be back to our normal routine. 
After all that time spent out and about, I really enjoyed just hanging out at home today. 
We colored (the purple crayon is his favorite): 
Purple crayons
We cleaned:
Cleaning up
We picked tomatoes:
We took a walk to the park:
Molly in the clouds
We cooked up the first zucchini from the garden (recipe from smitten kitchen):
Zucchini and ricotta galette
It feels so good to have a fun (and productive!) day at home.


Anonymous said...

If Walter didn't have such a big cup of coffee he could probably draw a little neater.

Grandpa Martens

Nate said...

Mmmm... That ham was good.

Kristin said...

So was the zucchini Nate!