A nice, long weekend

I love long weekends. I started on Friday, with a day off, all to myself. I went bargain hunting at some local thrift shops and got a ton of great stuff. The best find of the day: plastic tableware for Walter's kitchen. I found cups, bowls, plates, forks and spoons, all for $3.30. And that got me inspired to finally finish up some of the felt food I had started making for him long, long ago. He's been serving me breakfast all weekend long. He keeps the coffee coming, sometimes two or three cups at a time. 
We've had lots of goodies coming out of the garden this weekend. Walter and I pick and eat a few peas every time we pass them. The cherry tomatoes are starting to get nice and red. And, I just picked our first green beans of the season. (No trouble with bunnies this year!)
Cherry tomatoes
First beans of the season
Please, excuse the weeds. We've been too busy playing to worry about them.
Gave the dog a bone
We hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend too!

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