Glorious mud

On days when the temperature creeps above freezing, the ground outside turns into a soft, sloppy mess. It doesn't help that we still have mounds of dirt in the yard, left from the construction of the outbuilding. Molly constantly tracks dirt into the house, no matter how well we clean her paws. And Walter's new boots are getting quite a workout. He walks through the woods in hopes of finding a good pile of "glorious mud." He's never disappointed. But that soft ground is giving way to all sorts of spring flowers – nice little surprises to make up for the brown, muddy mess.
Moments after this picture was taken, one boot was stuck in the mud and one socked foot was wet and dirty. Oops!
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Gramma said...

Your Daffodills are up farther than mine. The sun must be shining there. Walter will having something better to pick than sticks soon.