A clean, close shave

The beard is gone! Just this morning, Nate looked like this:
Nate's beard, before
This evening, he decided it was time to lose the lumberjack look. In the process, he tried out several styles of facial hair before going for a clean shave. Watch Nate transform before your very eyes!
Nate's beard, during and after
I liked the beard, but it was getting a little unruly. It's nice to see his handsome face again.


Nate's Dad said...

Wow. I liked the mustache.

Mom said...

It is amazing how it changes his looks. Dad always had some kind of facial hair because he looked so young without it. Nathan looks younger too without any! My little boy is back!!!

Barb Bredel said...

With the mustache he looked like the older brother of the guy without the mustache.