Duck, duck, goose!

Duck, duck, goose is Walter's game of choice these days. It's the most fun when we all play together, Molly included, but Walter will settle for any number of players he can get. I must admit, the two player version lacks suspense.


Kejama! said...

That is awesome. I totally forgot about duck, duck, goose. Something to try around here, thanks for reminding me!

Barb Bredel said...

I can't wait to try Huckle Buckle Beanstalk with him. I think he's geting old enough to play.

Gramma said...

With a smaller number of players it is easy to tell who is the Ducker and that has a great advantage for a two year old. But the chase is also a good part. Ginny knows the rules too well to play Walter's way.