It's been a busy weekend with lots of visitors. Duke, Molly's doggie cousin, stayed with us while his parents were on vacation. It was great for Molly to have a pal to play with. They did a lot of this:
And that led to a lot of this (which we all enjoyed):
Tired puppies
We also had a visit from Grandpa this weekend, complete with a trip to the park and to Culver's for frozen custard – perfect Grandpa activities.
Notice Walter's wet bottom – he was kind enough to dry off the slides for the rest of the kids.

And, of course, Walter and I had our usual Saturday morning fun – a trip to the Farmer's Market and some general goofing around.
Attack the camera

Goofin' with mama
Now, a quiet house. Nap time...

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Kristin said...

Thanks for watching Duke for us! It looks like they had fun!