The results are in

Well, it looks like we'll be saying goodbye to those pants. Thanks, to everyone who commented, both here and in person. It was a fun little experiment, having a poll on Tall Tales. It was a silly subject but it was still fun to have you all participate and comments are always fun to read. I'm starting to think that matching father/son outfits are a great idea! Kidding! Kidding! But I really do like the idea of saving some pants to be made into shorts next year. Anyway, Nate and I can now move on to more important topics like who's turn it is to do the dishes and who gets to be in charge of the remote control.

We have decided that when Walter is old enough to choose his own clothing, we might gently steer him, but the decisions will be mostly up to him. There may come a day when capri pants don't seem so bad.

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Love reading your blog Steph.