Expanding vocabulary

Walter's current means of communication is a jumble of signs, grunts, and random syllables. He makes sounds that sound like words sometimes, but it's so sporadic that I have to think it's just a fluke. And yet, he communicates with us really well. He's able to tell us what he wants, and while it's not always efficient, (the head nods and shakes) it's downright adorable.

He is making progress with words. Mama, Dada and Molly are pretty common things for Walter to say. When he looks through his book of animals he makes a very quiet, almost whispered, "roar" when he sees the lion, and a loud "hoo-hoo" when he sees the owl.

His face is really expressive and I like to imagine what he would be saying if he could talk. Like this morning when he saw my t-shirt:
Oooh! Look Mom, there's a cow on your shirt!
And that time he bit into a cherry tomato, seeds squirting everywhere:
Why did you make me do that? Can I try it again?
And the first time he sat on his little potty chair without a diaper on:
Whoa! Guys, this is weird. Really weird. I think I'd like to stand up now.

It's fascinating to me to see him discover new ways to make sounds. I think we're close to hearing some real words from him. I won't be imagining his half of our conversations for much longer.

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