Creative energy

I've been a little stuck for ideas at work so I've been searching for inspiration. I've found that my creative process opens my mind up to all sorts of ideas. (Until recently, I didn't even realize I had a creative process. Now that I'm paying attention, I do recognize some patterns I follow when working on a project.) So, along with those work ideas, I've been stumbling across ideas for all kinds of projects. Who would have thought that my research for a brochure layout would lead me to a new knitting pattern or a Christmas card idea or a new game to play with Walter? But it happens so I might as well embrace it. I've started a project list. And it keeps growing. And growing. And I'm excited about each and every item on that list. I don't even know where to start. I love this stage where I have too many ideas. I'm sure I'll only get around to a handful of those projects, and actually finish even fewer. But the possibilities seem endless. I think I'll see what's in my yarn stash – Walter could use a new hat and mittens.

Don't worry. I have a bunch of ideas and sketches for that brochure, too.

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