Saturday mornings

Nate and I have an agreement: I get up with Walter on Saturday mornings; Nate gets up with Walter on Sunday mornings. This way we both get at least one day a week to sleep in. I love this arrangement because I get the morning of the Farmer's Market. Walter and I have started a little Saturday tradition of heading downtown to the Capitol Square, nice and early before the crowd gets thick. Walter rides on my hip in the sling, which gives him a good view of everything. We stop at the Steep & Brew stand for a cup of coffee, then head around (counterclockwise, of course) to the Sugar River Country Bakery stand for a scone to share, though Walter usually eats most of it. After that it's just a nice walk around the square, stopping for goodies here and there. Maybe some cheese curds or sweet corn or flowers. We usually pick up some summer sausage for Nate, but we forgot today. (Oops! Sorry Nate!) We often stop to listen to a street performer or two. I'm always amazed at the talent we stumble across. This morning we were wowed by a young woman, singing and playing her guitar. It makes for the perfect morning for all three of us. Nate even gets a nice quiet house to sleep in. I wish the farmer's market was a year-round event. What will Walter and I do on Saturday mornings from November to April?

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Kristin said...

I've heard this is good... http://www.overturecenter.com/kir.htm

Maybe we should go!