From the road

The Billmeyers are on their first family road trip! We started off last Friday night and have been driving and sightseeing ever since. Here's a list of what we've done so far:
- Visited friends in Wheaton, IL, plus a trip to the Cosley Zoo (Thanks Becky and Martin!)
- The Indianapolis Children's Museum
- Louisville Slugger Museum and Louisville Bats game
- Louisville Zoo
- Nashville Country Music Hall of Fame
- Hatch Show Print, the oldest working letterpress shop in the US (that stop was just for Mama)
- RCA Studio B Tour - Walter played the same piano Elvis played during recording sessions

Right now, I'm using the WiFi in the hotel lobby while Walter naps. Nate is back in the room, hiding in the bathroom until Walter wakes up. There are a few inconveniences about travelling with a one-year-old, but he's been doing really great so far. He's been a really good car rider and a pretty good hotel sleeper. There have been a few bumps along the way, but no more than what we would have had at home.

My camera is back in the room so I'll leave you with just this one photo for now. Our cooperative little boy, during a naptime drive.

Road trip

Still to come, the Nashville Zoo, the St. Louis Arch and the Lincoln Museum in Springfield, IL. I'll share more photos when we return.


Anonymous said...

wE MISS YOU!! Molly has been a good dog. We went to the dog park a couple of days. She likes to play with her bed and rolls it around the room. She can even go out without the leash and does not run away although we are still pretty careful to keep her close. See you soon. Love, Mom

Kejama! said...

Any chance you're coming up I-94 on your way home? Sorry we couldn't join you at Becky's this past weekend - we were on a road trip of our own :) (by the way, your kid is all limbs in that picture, he's getting so big! what a cutie!)

Anonymous said...

The alphabet thing is great! Looks like it should be a framed poster on your wall.