Rainy Saturday morning

The rain kept us away from our traditional Saturday trip to the Farmer's Market, which made for a long morning cooped up inside. When Nate (finally) rolled out of bed, he suggested we head to Jacobson's, our local butcher shop, to pick up some steaks for grilling tonight. Jacobson's happens to be located inside Brennan's Market. Why didn't I think of this before?! Nate headed straight for the meat counter while Walter and I ambled around, sampling the "chin drippin' peaches," juicy mangoes, and the Riesling Cheddar and Triple Cream Havarti cheeses. Walter was in free sample heaven! And those samples are so good, you can't say no to buying a little bit of everything. We came home with our steaks for dinner and some mangoes and cheese for lunch. Ok, it's not quite as fun as the Farmer's Market, but a darn good alternative. I think we'll be going back to Brennan's on other rainy Saturdays, and probably a few times in between.

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Anonymous said...

We're reading this in Texas and I met Walter and Stephanie for the first time!
Love y'all
Aunt Nel