Walter has been teething. His drooling has gotten worse, giving him a rash on his chest from being constantly wet. Along with the drool comes a runny nose, and with the runny nose comes lots of nighttime wake-ups. Sleep has been hard to come by lately. I wish I could tell him that once these teeth come in his mouth troubles will be over. But genetically speaking, he's doomed. Between Nate and I there are countless cavities and years of braces. Nate even had to have jaw surgery – there are about 32 screws are holding that jaw together! No matter what the dentists, orthodontists and oral surgeons want to do to his sweet little mouth, we will always be there to puree his food, wipe his chin, and comfort him in the night. We're crossing our fingers for you buddy.

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Justine said...

Kate had to double-bib Henry until he was about 10 months old because of the excessive drooling/spitting up ... poor guy. I hope by now Walter's rash is gone bye-bye!