Baby steps

We went over to my sister's house today for a little visit with the family. While we were there, Walter walked! With a little encouragement from Uncle Jeremy, he took a step all by himself. And then again later, he took another step. And then again, three steps! When we got home we pulled out the video camera to see if we could get it on tape. Actually, we wanted to see if it would even happen again. Take a look:

He's been doing it all night. 3 steps here, 4 steps there. He has a long way to go before he's really steady on his feet, but this is a good start. I'm so proud of my little guy.

p.s. Kristin is doing great. Just a couple more weeks before my nephew arrives!


Anonymous said...

Well, it looks like Grandma Bredel was right on. He's going to walk instead of crawl. Go Walter!!!

Grandma Bredel

Kristin said...

That's so cool that he did it again! He'll be running around in no time!