The power of a princess

Kyla's Mom: Kyla, would you like to hang out with Uncle Nate while Daddy goes to school on Thurdsay?

Kyla: (VERY hesitantly) Um... ok...

Uncle Nate: We could watch a movie. How about "The Little Mermaid?"

Kyla: (without hesitation) Yeah! Daddy, can you go to school RIGHT NOW??

With three nieces, Uncle Nate knows how important a Disney princess is to a little girl. 
Why is Kyla interviewing babysitters? My sister, Kristin, (Kyla's mom) is almost 35 weeks pregnant and on bed rest. She has been told to stay put in order to stay healthy and keep that baby on the inside as long as she can. Which means Jeremy (Kyla's dad) has a lot on his plate, trying to keep up with work, school, and a three year old. (And I complained about my pregnancy. It seems we had it easy!) Please feel free to leave a comment here to wish them well. Kristin is an avid reader – especially now that she has some time to kill!


Anonymous said...

Kristin - Stay in bed, relax, and hopefully time will fly.
Nate - Enjoy "The little Mermaid" each and every time you get to watch it.
Jeremy - You have everyone's support and best wishes.
Stephanie & Kristin - hope you know what great husbands you have.

Anonymous said...

Kristin, We are wanting something to do to help so if you think of something call-845-3308. I can pick up groceries or oher things (movies? lunch?) almost any day and drop them off. It was good to talk to your Mom on Friday night. Won't it be good to have her closer and it looks like that will be soon too. I have Jodi Picoult's Plain Truth and My Sisters Keeper and One thousand White Women for books to lend. It seems like a good time to catch up on reading since there won't be much time for that once the baby is born. I took a class at the library from Women's Health Foundation on keeping a health journal. It included a lot of reflection exercises which we never have time to do either. Say Hi to Jeremy and let him know he can call too. Love, Sharon

jp said...

Learning how to do laundry again has been the toughest part!

Anonymous said...

Laundry? I've screwed up so many times I've been banned from the laundry room.

If you need anything during the day, give me a call at home. Walter and I are always looking for things to do.