8 months

It has been a month of changes and challenges. The novelty of being walked around the house has finally warn off. We still do our share of walking, but Walter is once again content to play on the floor. He is sitting, scooting, spinning, rocking, and rolling. He's not crawling yet, but is building up those muscles every day.

Teething has been the biggest challenge this month. He has kept us awake a few nights. And keeping up with the drool is practically impossible. You'll notice in this month's photos that Walter's chin is glistening, his shirts are soaked and he is often times wearing a bib. We do his laundry twice as often now, just to keep him in clean, dry bibs. I honestly had no idea that much fluid could come out of one little kid. He soaks through 4-5 bibs a day!

Other changes – he's really starting to understand words and respond to them. When you ask "Where's Molly?" he stops what he's doing and looks around for her. He loves playing the piano and banging things to make noise. And he gives kisses! Not always on demand, and always wet, of course. But I love them anyway. Click here for photos of our happy, drooling boy.


Kristin said...

Cute pictures!

Gramma said...

He just keeps getting cuter!!! I want a kiss! The girls are learning to keep everything away and up because he can even move gorward if there is somthing he is reaching for. Soon he will be able to go wherever he wants. And he is still just a very happy boy. I hope that never changes.