The playroom

Well, we did it. We managed to clean up and photograph the playroom this morning. This long, narrow room has been a challenge and has gone undecorated since we moved in. We rearranged the furniture over and over, but it never seemed to work. Our mish-mash of shelving units were constantly overflowing with toys and games. The loveseat was used more for jumping on and hiding behind than sitting on. I looked for a before picture to share and this one was the best I could come up with:
Sunday morning
A messy room is rarely photographed. (Not that it isn't still usually messy. I mean, it is a playroom after all.) Here's what it looks like today:
Playroom re-do
Playroom re-do
We took out all the random shelves and filled the back wall with matching bookshelves and a low bench/window seat. Walter has a step stool to reach the higher shelves. The coffee table is Walter's train table and is a great surface for puzzles, games, and LEGO-building. We added a chair so there are seats for everyone around the table. We put up a gallery wall to display all of Walter's artwork and he can easily replace the old stuff with new stuff. I'm loving all the new storage space in this room. There's a place for everything so cleaning up is easy. Finally, a playroom we love to play in!
Playroom re-do


Gramma said...

I love the play table. I love the art wall. The new shelving looks great and it looks like there is a lot of fun on them. And you kept the nice light from outdoors and connection to the porch and I believe the snow will melt this year and we will get back out there too.

Barb Bredel said...