Santa brought Walter a new train set and it soon became clear that the coffee table in the basement was no longer going to cut it. Walter doesn't exactly have a gentle touch when it comes to his trains. One trip around the table and the tracks would go flying off the side and crashing to the floor, causing Walter to say "Uh-oh!" over and over again until somebody put it all back together – no easy task.

Nate decided to build a train table to solve all of our problems – my hero!
Train table
It's perfect! A nice lip around the edge to prevent the tracks from sliding off and plenty of storage underneath. Walter loves it. He's constantly grabbing my hand and pulling me up the stairs yelling, "Choo-choo!" I'd say he approves.


Anonymous said...

I got shot down on a big motion W in the middle!


John said...

Even without the logo, it's a great-looking table! Nice job.