A comparison

Nate wanted to see the difference in photos between the macro lens and a "regular" lens. In this case a "regular" lens is my 50mm - the lens I use most often. I snapped a few more photos of the seedlings while I was cooking dinner tonight so I could have a little comparison to show.
Macro lens:
Sprouting seedlings
50mm lens:
Macro, tomato, just popping out:
Lil' sprout
50mm, pumpkins, just popping out:
So there you have it, macro vs. "regular." 
Those brand new pumpkin plants remind me of little Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors. I've got my eye on you, pumpkins.
Because I had the camera out during dinner prep, you get to see my pizza too. Just minutes before being baked all golden and bubbly.
Sorry there are no after photos. We were hungry.


nate said...

Thanks. Quite the difference.

nate said...
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Sharon said...

Wow....quite the difference. I am impressed.