Walter's old Brewer shirt had gotten a little small and a little worn, so he and I spent our Sunday afternoon cooking up a new Brewer shirt. From a pile of blue and yellow knits, he chose the shades. He also helped me pin the fabric together and then sat on my lap and wiggled while I tried to sew. (Sometimes "helping" makes things take twice as long.) But we got it put together and then added a little freezer paper stencil to the front - a nod to our mustached mascot, Bernie Brewer
New Brewer shirt
Walter's strong man pose:
New Brewer shirt
And his "I don't want you to take my picture" pose:
New Brewer shirt
I think he's ready for a game. Go Brewers! 

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Gramma said...

Great shirt!!!! I thibnk hw will get on TV with that one! Be sure to take a mitt so he can catch foul balls and home runs!