Road trip and 90 minute shirt

We just got home from a short road trip to the Twin Cities. We were only gone three days, but we did a lot! Two zoos, an aquarium and the children's museum. Nate took nap duty one afternoon so I could spend a couple of hours alone in the Mall of America. It's such a luxury to shop by myself these days. We also saw the Brewers play the Twins – and lose. It wasn't pretty. But it was fun! And Walter got to wear his new 90 minute Brewer shirt. I'm getting so much use out of the 90 minute shirt tutorial. This time, I used a (free!) XL Brewer t-shirt: 
XL Brewer tee
And turned it into a tiny tee for our little Brewer fan:
Brewer fan
Sadly, no matter how many times he yells, "Go Brewers!" they just can't seem to win. But we'll keep cheering...

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