Busy, busy, busy

Here it is, the middle of May, and our summer is pretty much booked. Baseball games, graduations, road trips and a certain little boy's birthday party – yikes! Our weekends are full. It's all a little overwhelming when I look at the calendar, but I think everything we have planned will be fun and I'm actually looking forward to all that time spent traveling in the car – the few hours here and there when I can knit or read.
Walter has always been very good in the car, but with all these road trips in our future, I wanted him to have something new to keep him entertained (so I can do all that knitting and reading). I made him a busy book, packed full of fun toddler activities.
Busy book
Things to buckle, tie and button. (He'll need help with these things.) A "wallet" holding cards and keys.
Busy book
Baseballs to slide from base to base. Number flaps, hiding buttons to count.
Busy book
A traffic light with velcro lights to rearrange. A street with trucks to slide back and forth. A dump truck full of shapes.
Busy book
A pocket full of animal pictures to flip through.
Busy book
This was a really fun project for me. It certainly kept me busy! I worked on it a little bit here and a little bit there, making a page whenever I got a new idea. (I found tons of good ideas here and here.) I sure hope Walter likes it. I'm crossing my fingers for happy, fuss-free car rides all summer long...


Becky said...

You are one talented lady!! This is super cute!

Gramma said...

I love it. There is a lot on every page. There is good manipulatives, good thinking and language games, fun, and ways to be social or independent. What more could there be?????

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting! This cute and simple design is exactly the inspiration I was looking for.