A little sun, a little rain. A little outdoor play, a little indoor play. 
Walter and I spent some time admiring our favorite tree. We picked flowers, took pictures, even picnicked under it. PB&J tastes better under a pretty pink tree.
"Pink flower tree"
Walter took this one. It was certainly accidental, but I like it.
"Pink flower tree"
View from under the "pink flower tree"
When we were done playing outside, we went bowling. So much fun. I tried getting a shot of Nate's sweet bowling form, but he moves too fast. He kicks my butt every time we bowl.
Walter used the ramp for the most part, but tried one ball without it. He threw it overhand. We went back to the ramp. Maybe someday he'll pick up his dad's skills.
Aren't kid-sized bowling shoes the cutest? 
Happy weekending to you!
Psst... locals, did you know that kids bowl free all summer?

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